Company offers sterile Intravenous injectables of the highest quality for Human and Veterinary use for different therapeutic areas. Some of the product offerings include antibiotic injections, diuretic injections, parenteral amino acid injections, plasma volume expanders, anti anaerobic injections, anti-pyretic Inj.

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Contract Manufacturing

In addition to manufacturing our own products which we sell under our own brands, we also use our facility to manufacture products on contract basis for third parties including certain multinational pharmaceutical companies who market such products under their own

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Aqua Pulse

Fluid For Life a closed system that offers convenience and ensures safe administration through its unique Euro Head and SSISBM (Single Stage Injection Stretch Blow Mould) Technology. Aqua (Water) is the fluid of life and is vital for transporting electrolytes


We are a Public Limited Pharmaceutical Company incorporated in 1982. We started commercial production for sterile Intravenous injectibles in 1984. Since more than 30 years we have been actively delivering high quality sterile Intravenous injectibles and contributing in saving lives. We Manufacture and market sterile Intravenous injectibles in Both Glass and Plastic Bottles with capacity of 810 million bottles per Annum.

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